Keep a pulse on customer experiences

Generate more feedback by leveraging single-question surveys. Trigger surveys at critical touch points throughout the customer journey, and make it frictionless for customers to leave feedback.

screenshot of Wootric's user interface

Predictive insights

Mitigate risk and reduce churn by easily gathering feedback at different points in the customers journey to drive more brand loyalty.

Don’t limit your brand to only generating feedback via one medium, leverage multiple channels to get the insights that matter to your bottom line.

A cross-functional metric

Empower all teams within your organization with CSAT/PSAT scores.

  • Product and Engineering teams will be equipped to better plan their product roadmap and design better, more customer focused products.
  • CX teams will have more power to mitigate risk of churn, and have more insight and awareness into issues before they become widespread.

Identify feedback themes

Create unlimited custom tags that match the high-value words you define, or let machine learning tell you what your customers are talking about and how they feel.

As responses come in, auto-categorizing feedback helps you surface issues, prioritize product improvements, or identify who should follow up.

Closed-loop feedback management

Route feedback to the appropriate teams based on score, and build automated workflows to trigger responses in your CRM or support platform.