CX feedback across the entire customer journey

Improve onboarding, enhance experiences, support customer interactions, and strengthen relationships.

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Meet your customers where they are to gather richer insights:

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Net Promoter Score

How likely are you to recommend this product or service?

  • Measure customer loyalty and reduce churn
  • Activate promoters
  • Growth predictor
Drive retention and growth

Satisfaction Score

How satisfied are you with this product or service?

  • CSAT: Measure customer satisfaction with a recent interaction–often a purchase or a support case.
  • PSAT: Measure product or feature satisfaction to optimize software applications.
Improve products and services

Customer Effort Score

How easy was it to complete this task or action?

  • Measure ease of support interactions, onboarding, order completion, training.
  • Use results to reduce customer effort, the most relevant attribute of satisfaction.
Reduce friction

Gather feedback at critical points in the customer journey

Ask the right questions in the right channel, and meet your customer where they are. Generate more, real-time feedback to help enhance operation and create better experiences for customers. 

Real time customer experience analytics

Get visibility into your average NPS, CSAT and CES scores. Survey your customers as often as you need with custom parameters and automatically receive a continuous pulse of customer sentiment.

Diagnose CX metrics by key business drivers

Create custom filters to suit your business model and goals. See how your feedback metrics vary by account, product version, or any user property you define.

Create experiences that drive loyalty.

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