Create the most efficient product or service

Gather Customer Effort Scores designed to get your brand the information needed to enhance experiences, leveraging a modern, single-question survey.

screenshot of Wootric's user interface

Identify feedback themes

Create unlimited custom tags that match the high-value words you define, or let machine learning tell you what your customers are talking about and how they feel.

As responses come in, auto-categorizing feedback helps you surface issues, prioritize product improvements, or identify who should follow up.

Closed-loop feedback management

Route feedback to the appropriate teams based on score, and build automated workflows to trigger responses in your CRM or support platform.

Meet your customers where they are

Leverage your existing tech stack and generate rich, qualitative feedback inside your app or website, via email, SMS, or Intercom chat.

Customizable CES microsurveys

Trigger surveys at touchpoints based on events such as case closure, feature use, and more.