How to Choose the Best Net Promoter Score Software

   June 28, 2023  Migs Bassig  4 minutes

You’ve decided to implement a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program to increase customer loyalty, but now you’ve got to wade through the pool of Net Promoter Score software service providers to find the best value and match for your company. All of them allow you to ask that all-important question, “On a scale of 0 -10, how likely are you to recommend this product?”, but the similarities end there. 

It is vital for you to establish the goals you want to achieve through implementing an NPS program. Are you looking to move your company towards a customer-centric culture? Are you trying to improve your retention rates? Are you looking for growth?

Whatever your goals are, have them handy as you answer these next three questions and have the peripheral conversations for each, guiding you toward the NPS software with a Cinderella fit for your company.

Questions when Choosing Your Net Promoter Score Software

Resources like Quora can give you ideas to add to your list of features. If you come across a survey that you like, reach out to the company to ask who they use. This list of prospects can be as long or short as you want, but we recommend you keep this list to around 5 companies.

Maybe you’ve used an NPS platform before and now you’re looking for something that’s faster, better, stronger! Whatever your choices are consider these 3 questions:

  1. What is the best way to survey your customers?

    You probably communicate with your customers in a number of ways – on your website, through your web or mobile app, via email, social media accounts, and possibly even through text. Each segment of your customer base will prefer one or two of these methods over the others, and very rarely will they use all of them.

    Some conversations to have around this question include: Who are your stakeholders? Who are the decision-makers, and are they the same people using your product on a daily basis? Depending on your answers, you will want to choose different channels to send your NPS survey.

  2. Which channel do you want to use primarily?

    If you’ve answered the first question, then you now know that email isn’t always going to be the best fit. Follow up the conversations you had with the previous question by weighing the pros and cons of each channel. Keep your short and long-term goals in mind, as well as the customer segments you wish to reach.

    There’s no shame in starting small – it’s not easy to take on a huge customer feedback program if you’re just starting out. Choose a channel, pick a customer base, and start getting feedback. You’ll eventually find that different customer segments or journey points benefit from different channels, and your NPS program will evolve accordingly.

    Expect your Net Promoter Score program to mature over time and select a vendor able to support the increasing sophistication you’ll likely need.

  3. When will you survey your customers?

    When it comes to deploying your NPS surveys, there are two primary approaches:

    Relationship Monitoring

    This approach sends NPS surveys at regular intervals over time to assess your customer’s overall loyalty to your brand — rather than just their satisfaction with their last interaction.

    Checking in at Journey Points

    In this case, often called “transactional NPS”, surveys are sent after a customer has an interaction or completes a transaction with your company. This approach works well when you’ve mapped out your customer journey and can find logical points at which to check in with your customers via a survey.

    NPS software platforms that can integrate with other systems of record work especially well for this type of timing.

    Once you know the approach you need, dig in and see if vendors can deploy surveys the way you prefer. Each vendor has different capabilities. For example, if you are sending email surveys, do you want to do so from your own platform or do you prefer to upload a list of customers and have the vendor’s software send the surveys?

Finding the Right Net Promoter Score Software

Once you’ve established your company’s needs and had the conversations to narrow your list, request a product demo from two or three vendors who make the cut. You can tell a lot about a company through their demo, including how customer-centric they really are and how they will treat you in the future.

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