I’m a big believer in what has rightly become the most acclaimed happiness metric in business today: Net Promoter Score.

As the CEO of Wootric, I built our “customer happiness platform” on the NPS framework, and here is why:

When I ran Schmendricks bagels, my most meaningful interaction with my customers took place in that second after they chowed down on their hot, freshly baked bagel, standing a mere foot away from me—the maker of that bagel.  Every single customer would look me in the eye and speak from their gut.  “That bagel was awesome, but don’t schmear both sides. It makes the bite too soggy.” “The everything bagel works best with scallion cream cheese. Can you sell that as a discounted combo?” Meanwhile, when I surveyed my all too powerful email marketing list later that night, the responses I got were few and not very helpful (“Too expensive!”, “Good bagels.”).

schmendricks Bagel team

When I founded Wootric two years ago, I wanted to give other SaaS companies the constant stream of customer sentiment and the immediate, contextual feedback I got at the bagel counter.

For me, a high NPS means both success and happiness:

  • Customers are happy and are likely to promote your business to their colleagues and friends.
  • The team is happy. A customer-centric company whose staff is aligned around customer happiness is more likely to know and experience the impact of their work. Studies show time and again that meaningful work drives employee happiness and retention.
  • I am happy! With Wootric’s own NPS score in the 60s and climbing, I can take pride in that fact that, day in and day out, we are fulfilling our mission of helping our customers win their customers for life.

Deepa Subramanian is CEO of Wootric. An early Salesforce.com engineer and former attorney, Deepa has led several companies to success by listening to customers. She holds a BA in Computer Science from Smith College and a JD from Harvard.   

This essay was originally published as part of Linkedin.com’s #MyMetric series where professionals describe what numbers govern their happiness. Write your own #MyMetric post here.